A little about ourselves

The people behind the technology and the company have been involved in the energy and forestry industries for many years. A common passion for the environment resulted in a combining of strengths to form Energy 1 W2E which is a company focused on proven “Producer” or “Synthetic” gas technology for renewable baseload energy production whilst reducing waste.

Renewable Energy Feedstock’s should be commercially grown or a by-product of a timber sawmill’s, tobacco plantation, Industrial Hemp, Rice, Shells and Husks, most forms of bagasse, Maize cobs and other viable organic residue.

Alternative sources of feedstock that support viable energy production through our patented gasification are coal fines (Either at the mine or waste at a Thermal Power Station), Coal bed Methane and LNG. Waste coal fines with acceptable calorific value are an environmental issue due to the volumes being stockpiled and leachate.  Our technology utilises the coal fines and small particles > 5mm to less than 2mm and provides an efficient means of cleaner power generation whilst reducing the volumes of waste and generating a financial return.” Coal by Wire”

We convert viable feedstock directly into a usable Producer Gas to drive gas engines or turbines. Excess gas production can be utilised for heating, drying or steam production. We also do waste heat recovery on our technology with larger installations for energy optimisation.

Water is used for cooling and scrubbing, with the water being re circulated, thus minimal water is used.

We provide services related to feasibility studies, detailed financial modelling, development and design for each project if on grid or self-embedded. A turnkey solution to meet our clients requirements.

Our subsidiary company holds a valid NERSA license for renewable Biomass Gasification Energy generation which will be wheeled over the Eskom grid in South Africa.